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Oh look at that, there has been fic lately!  What is this?  
Even more strange, Alsike is actually *watching a television show.*  This does not happen very often.

So, it's November, and everyone knows that November means NaNo!  And I am most vehemently not doing Nano.  During October I kept playing around with ideas, well, maybe I could write this, or that, or that other thing, YA contemporary with a lot of BDSM...  But I remembered that I'm actually in the middle of revisions, and I should probably Work On Those.

My plan for November then fell out beautifully.  I would get a round of revisions done!  (I still haven't made it all the way through the marked up draft that my mother edited.  And apparently my crit group is unimpressed with the beginning of Act 2, and it's going to need a complete overhaul... again.)  So, to get in the mood to work on my draft, I decided that I should allow myself to dive into pop culture with similar thematic elements.

i.e. Princesses.

So on Saturday night I watched the first episode of Revolutionary Girl Utena (here... legally), which was awesome.  It gave me deep thoughts about princesses and princes, and surrealism.

And then I watched Once Upon a TIme, which gave me deep thoughts about eye-shagging and hatesex.  (Also about adoption, and the complexity of writing 'evil,' and about who on earth this show is aimed at)  But mainly, ficcy thoughts, which was nice, as there have been a huge dearth of fic-related thoughts in my life lately.

But it wasn't until episode 3 that I really decided that I liked the show (and not just Emma's boots).  It's doing what I'm trying to do in my book (possibly in a much more straightforward way), and trying to really clearly show an equal opportunity adventure.  I know my fairytales, I know my epics, and I all too painfully know that it's the dudes who get to do the fighting, get to do the saving (and the wandering off and picking up chicks).  But when Snow White and Prince Charming were running around in this episode, getting in trouble, taking turns rescuing each other, and so charmingly ending up just shy of Making the Hell Out, I was rooting so hard for them.  I like a girl who can kick ass.  And I like a guy who likes a girl who can kick ass too.

Also, their kid?  Have we noticed the way she dresses?  Why yes, yes we have.

Now translate that girl into fairytale land.  No one is going to tell me that she isn't going to be wearing those same sexy boots, breeches, an awesome loose shirt (or maybe armor) and carrying a sword.  Emma Swan isn't a princess.  She's a white knight.


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