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Title: That Kind of Dangerous (1/3)
Author: Alsike
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Pairing: Ruby/Belle, Ruby/Lacey
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~17k
Summary: Red finds herself rather depressed after Lacey bodysnatches her new friend(/not-so-secret crush) and Emma prescribes a night of letting loose and getting back in touch with her Ruby side. She does NOT prescribe picking up an on-the-prowl, bored with Gold, Lacey. But she does. It escalates.

Apologies: So, after writing ZERO fic for MONTHS, I apparently got bitten by the porn bug (I think it's hormonal, or something, it happens a few times a year, like getting a cold), and proceeded to binge write this thing (16k in a day and a half?  That's a binge).  It has been a long time in the making, because I love the OUAT gif sets, and I love Red Beauty, and then suddenly people started talking about Lacey, and I was like 'Oh man, this is going to happen, right?  There's going to be fic about this.'  I trolled the fic sites for months looking for it.  And it didn't appear.
So I wrote it.  Most of my recent OUAT knowledge comes from gif sets and fanvids, so don't expect a high level of canon compliance.  Actually, don't expect any canon compliance. :)

Posted at AO3 (because I wanted to tag it. And it's long. And those are only the tags for the first chapter.)
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