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Title: Returns
Author: Alsike
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Pairing: Ruby/Belle, Belle/Gold, past Gold/Cursed!Ruby, Neal/Killian, Emma/Regina
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~11k
Summary: Eight months ago, Captain Hook's ship left Storybrooke.  Now it is returning.
But eight months is a long time, long enough to build a web of lies and self-deceptions that on the news of the ship's return, come crashing down. Ruby and Belle's no-strings-attached 'arrangement' may have more strings than they admitted to. And if Rumpelstilstkin finds out that other people have been playing with his toys, there will be blood.
But Storybrooke is not so good at keeping secrets.

Apologies: Soooo, apparently, sitting at my computer during Femslash con, watching the tumblrs freak out about Comiccon is inspirational.  I was like, man, season three.  Too bad there's no way it will involve Ruby and Belle hooking up all the time back home.  And Neal and Killian probably won't get together.  And Regina will get all the shit.  And Henry will still be the little boy that could.  And Rumpel will never get his for all the horrible shit that he does to people.  But right now, anything is possible.  (And somehow, Neal/Killian have got to sail off into the sunset together, just because it would be hilarious.)  And I was in the middle of working on fluffy kidfic of fluff, and then... this happened.

You guys all know that I occasionally write horrible het sex (Part of this fic was a bit like - hey, how about a train wreck, let's watch it.), so you can probably deal with the nasty bits.
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